Relatives of old

Limited chances to say ‘I love you’

Yesterday, we took a trip to Pembrokeshire to visit my otherhalves grand parents (GG for short).

We had been told how his grandfather was becoming more forgetful and unwell. This made our hearts heavy, to anticipate that they live a long drive away and our visits may be numbered.

GG are in their 80s and have left their home nearby to live somewhere that is more easily maintained and the bungalow in which they now live, is lovely. The surroundings seem well maintained and the neighbours friendly enough.

My daughter is 19 months old and we took her with us too. She stole the show with her antics, making them laugh and smile, hugging their legs (once the shy 10 minutes passed), and sharing her toys with them. It was truly a day full to the brim with beautiful moments. Honestly I couldn’t help but to feel a little proud of how sweet my little girl behaves. Perhaps it’s all the fruit she eats?

My other half and his father took care of some diy tasks helping to make GGs new house a home. The gratitude was evident in the soft expressions and grandfathers explanation of how “he’s my oldest son ai, [thoughtful expression] good kid he is”. This felt like evidence of the forgetfulness we had been told about given the years I’ve now known them for but it felt more appropriate to respond as though this were new information. A moment to enjoy the simplicity of one man’s love for his son.

We shared a meal prepared bya otherhalves father with four generations gathered around the table. A moment worthy of noticing I felt.

Family can make us feel all kinds of ways and in laws can be both a trail and a pleasure but underlying it all is the fact that, we are not guaranteed to grow old.

Life is short and precious. The older I get the more important it seems to spend time around those with whom we share positive connections. We never really know when our last chance to see someone will be.

Today’s take away… don’t forget to reach out and feed the positive connections around you with time, love and attention because truly we never know when our last opportunity to do so will come.

With love,

Unchainedinside 💖✌

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