How tangible are we?

Hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen accounting for 99% of the human body and some other particles in much much smaller amounts.

While most of the cells which form a human body regenerate over 7-15 years, many of the particles which make up the being have been present for millennia.

The hydrogen atoms in you were produced in the big bang, and the carbon, nitrogen and oxygen atoms were made in burning stars. The very heavy elements in you were made in exploding stars.

If we lost all the dead space inside our atoms, we would each be able to fit into a particle of lead dust, and the entire human race would fit into the volume of a sugar cube.

So would it be illogical to assume that things we can’t measure can move through us?

Well it already happens… particles we cannot see, which are hard to measure pass through us at unknown rates just as the more visible, known about particles do.

Then I wonder about alternative tangibility. What if there is a different frequency of operation happening whereby an alternative collection of particles form ‘life’ outside of our perception which is able to pass through our dead space…

I want to leave this here and come back to it in the future.

Many deep and thoughtful contemplations,

Unchained Inside


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