Whoever you are, be you.

Maybe a little rich? Haha

Me and my identity struggles aside I come to you with an important message – Be you. No just about it. Be you exactly as you are.

No matter where we are in our day to day we are exposed to advertising. There is a board, a screen, a magazine, telling you that you are less than perfect; that you need their product to be successful, attractive, taken seriously and so on.

What does any of that actually mean? If a person is choosing to be with you based on additional value added by branding and logos you’ve chosen to represent yourself is it really you they are connecting with or simply an unrealistic image you wish you could live up to because that’s what’s attractive…

I wonder how many of us can consider our concerns and say that they are life threatening? How much are we taking for granted? How often do we consider that our partner might find us less loveable for reasons not associated with image?

Surely we should just be ourselves and those who accept that (happy living) are whom we should be around?

These are some early ramblings but I would love to hear your thoughts,

Unchained Inside

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