Axious Attachment

Exploring attachment style…

Hello again,

Today I became aware that the pattern of my internal and emotional chaos could be attributed to having an anxious attachment style. This is obviously food for thought…

What does it mean?

Anxious attachment means having a greater need for emotional closeness and intimacy. It’s needing reassurance that you are loved and that the people you are close to won’t leave you.

Babies are born primed for survival and part of that survival means being totally dependent on the emotional environment and style of care available. This means that babies develop different strategies for acquiring the attention they require.

Attachment theory separates these strategies into four types of attachment; secure, insecure (anxious and avoidant) and disorganized. We will explore each of these at some point or another so look out for future posts.

This is a very on the surface post to remind me to explore these topics at a later date.

Whatever our attachment styles, we all deserve love and security.

With love,

Unchained Inside

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