And just like that…

We’re moving house!

Today we recieved the fantastic news that we have been accepted as tenants in a lovely house. We can get the keys tomorrow at 3pm.

One call and just like that we are able to move in.

Just like that the home in which I was pregnant, the home where we have raised our daughter for almost two years, will no longer be our home.

I feel mixed emotions. I’m excited that we will have a fresh environment which will hopefully encourage greater positivity in our lives due to being in a better location with a garden and no neighbours looking straight into our house from the street.

I feel the closing of a difficult and trying chapter which was blessed most notably by the little girl who fills both our hearts and home with joy. Daughter has become a great source of motivation and strength. She inspires me to be better and to make sure I am working towards creating a happy and stable family home.

I notice that in a period of time where I would usually fall prey to fear and anxiety I am surprising myself. I feel that my few sessions of counselling and personal work towards self development have already greatly increased my ability to cope.

I felt the panic set in and the fear rise screaming “this was unexpected” and “how are you going to get it all done”. This time I didn’t wait for help. I didn’t ask for ideas on what to do next. I simply started to act. I wrote a list of what I could do to prepare and then persisted to make sure I ticked off every item.

Tomorrow will be a big day. It feels strange that I’m not communicating with my mother at the moment, telling her that I’m moving house etc. We’ll catch up eventually.

Tomorrow is a day for my family. My daughter, my partner and me. A day to focus on new beginnings, new potentials and new experiences with my family.

May we all find the strength to face the changes we encounter.

Love and best wishes,

Unchained Inside

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