Poetry challenge #1 ‘First’

My First Born

Our first was one so scary
yet excitement tickled numb toes
laid upon the hospital bed
missing all of my clothes

you were stuck and far too nourished
they lifted scalpel high
sliced my tummy so you could flourish
feeling I’d failed, I cried

Our first one was incredible
when I held your little hand
I knew that you were perfect
though none went as was planned

you came along and changed the world
and I knew that I would heal
because you were not a dream anymore
and I could love you for real.

When my daughter was born I received a message that I was not a real mommy because I had had a c-section and not birthed my daughter.

C-section was not a choice and even if it were it is not an easy route, recovery is not easy. I know that I would do it again though if it meant I could love my daughter in every life time.

May we all be blessed,

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