Poetry challenge #7 ‘Inspired by…’

‘Inspired by…’ Jacqueline Wilson

I was a girl. I was an unusual girl.
My ways strange to other children
Oh how I tried to make friends sometimes
Then I’d close myself away, bitten hand to peel open your books.

I was a girl. I saw too much too young.
My world had been unlike any I’d met
Oh how i longed to be where I am now
When between your minds pages, I saw hope in your creations.

I was a girl. I wasn’t like them at all
Our experiences vary us and I’m the alien
Oh how I tried to fit in at school
I found understanding in your written words, through them I found calm encouragement.

I’m a woman now. I write to take me home.
You were the catalyst of my love
oh how I love to remember your worlds
I lived the adventures in your books, keeping me safe in hidden nooks.

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