Poetry challenge #13 ‘I wish I could’

My bones danced on yours
Feeling each of your notes rise
Unable to speak your language
We still made beautiful sound
That was some years ago now

For a time we didn’t meet
Your large frame wasn’t there
You were out of my mind
Until I heard your tones playing

You sit here before me now
Your voice with intimidating depth
Scared to make noise or touch
Insecurity has grown with age

It seems such a sad waste
To look upon dusty face
Hearing sounds you might make
When touched by knowing hand.

I wish I could play piano.

I wish I could have learned to play piano when I first started to explore instruments. I remember there were pianos available in school and occasionally I’d feel brave enough to tinker a bit. I used to prefer the deep sounds and the occilations as a pianist moves down into those tones. I used to have a physical reaction to classical style piano sounds and this drew me to the instrument.

I think the piano is a gorgeous sound. I have an out of tune one sat in my lounge that belongs to other half. When I am less divided between my other creative outputs, it may be time to learn more than sausage in a pan. I simply stand in my own way through fear that others will hear my learning sounds.

What instruments do you play? Want to play?

Leave a comment below or otherwise tag @OnceUnchained online to share your musical dreams and talents with me.

With love,

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