A brief meditation

I had a moment in a recent hour.

I felt a dizziness come over me as I rose to my feet. As I steadied myself I visualised that my feet planted endless roots into the ground and that my arms reached endlessly into the sky.
My feet and hands meet in a very ‘tree of life’ meets ‘Earths magnetic field‘ shaping. As I breathe, I feel I am at one with the universe.

I have for as long as I’ve been aware of the tree of life, considered it an invaluable, symbolic demonstration of our connection to all that is; our connection to our roots here on Earth and within our souls, and our connection to the skies, the infinite unknown which we sense even though it stretches beyond our mortal comprehension.

This was a blissful moment for me despite its unnerving come about. I may well work this into a guided meditation to publish in the near future.

With love,
Once Unchained

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