Where’s my baby?

I have to say, this is something I battle with a lot… my child is growing up and will someday no longer need me.

My daughter (E) is turning two today which I realise is barely any age at all however, she is exceptionally bright!

At two years old my toddler seems to know what she wants and how to go about achieving the outcome better than most women I know.

She even helps herself to the fridge, cleans up after herself when she spills milk and water, loads the washing machine of her own accord, rolls her eyes when she pretends to be on the phone… 2 years old.

I feel like I already have a child and my baby/toddler just left one night.

Two years ago, at 09:53 my daughter was born. My labour was traumatic and we both nearly died – thank you medical science – so I feel a little extra grateful today.

We’ve been on some adventures!

E and her little sheep have been to France!

We went to Woburn centre parcs a year later too.

We’ve been to the farm a few times.

E has been to several different baby groups and goes with Nanny on a monday morning to her most consistent group.

E loves softplay too, another thing we do fairly frequently.

She is also very clever as mentioned above, so we learn a lot each day with structured learning.

E loves being outdoors so much that when it ends and we have to come inside she screams the place down but I’m glad she is this way.

Dear E,

You are the best decision I ever made. In an ocean of dark days, you’re my lighthouse.

My happiness does not depend on you but you exactly as you are or ever will be, bring me more joy than you will probably ever realize.

I adore you when you’re doing your thing, I love to watch you play. Sometimes I get grumpy when you chase the cat and refuse to sleep but it’s only because you need to sleep and the cat needs a break and for the record ‘I want to be with you too’.

I waited a long time to have my little one. Now you are here, the perfect little girl. I wouldn’t swap you and all your crazy, hyper, never sitting still, always wants to be involved, copying mommy ways for anything in existence, now or ever.

As you grow year on year I pray that I teach you resilience. I pray that I teach you to be strong enough to survive, joyful enough to thrive and live, and committed enough to succeed and achieve whatever YOUR dreams are.

As your shepherd, your friend, your mother, I wish you all of the love and success you need everyday to become a person you are happy being.

With all of my heart,


(whatever you call me today)


I hope you all have a wonderful start to spring! May you be blessed this season.

With love,


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