Just Breathe!

“F*ck you!” if you haven’t said it you’ve probably thought it, perhaps even multiple times a day.
We are billions of different people, billions of different personalities, opinions, and worse, double the amount in eyes and as such it is near impossible to not meet someone in the day who just makes you feel tense.

Sometimes you feel stressed because they may judge you, others because they place impossible demands on you, some because we place impossible demands on ourselves in order to meet ‘imagined needs’ or prevent upsets and through all of it, we sometimes forget to breathe!

So here on this page take a moment to rant. Drop me a comment about what really makes you hold your breath and then breathe.

How to breathe

The 4-7-8 breathing is something I was taught by my therapist for anxiety.
Inhale for 4 seconds – through your nose
Hold for 7 seconds
Exhale slowly for 8 seconds – through your mouth
4 – 7 – 8

7-11 (Not the corner shop)
The 7-11 breath is a re-focusing breath and will work to soothe heightened emotions.
Inhale for 7 seconds through your nose
Exhale for 11 seconds through your nose
7 – 11

Resonant/Coherent breathing
Coherent breathing is used to calm anxiety and lead into relaxation. Breathing at resonance, we enter into an even balance between the two branches of our autonomic nervous system, the sympathetic (action making) and the parasympathetic (rest taking).
Inhale for six seconds through your nose, mouth closed.
Breathe out for six seconds allowing breath to leave slowly (don’t force it)
6 – 6

Equal/balanced breathing
Balanced breathing is another good breath for anxiety. Much like resonant breathing involves a balanced breath for 6 seconds on inhale and exhale, balanced breathing is breathing in and out for the same number of seconds.
The difference is that with balanced breathing, so long as the breath is equal on the inhale and exhale, you can tailor the time to suit yourself.

Belly Breathing
Belly breathing is the act of ensuring the diaphragm is working for you! Generally, deeper breathing leads to deeper states of relaxation.
Preferably you would lie down for this exercise but it can be done sitting up straight.
Place one hand on your chest and the other on your belly.
As you breathe try to move your tummy causing your hand to rise and fall with your breath.
Aim to keep the hand on your chest still as you breathe deeply at either your normal rate or the rate according to any of the previous exercises.

If any of these exercises is useful to you and you would like more content like this then please like or leave a comment.

With love,

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