Surviving Isolation for Extroverts

Well, well, well… It would appear that the tables have turned.

The world has always better suited the extrovert; the ways of society have favoured the people who get out there and socialise to climb various ladders.

With many of us on lock-down or self isolating there is a very real threat to the mental health and well-being of our society. This could be especially threatening to extroverts.

Consider this a love letter to extroverts everywhere from an introverted mind. I hope that you all find, within self and home, a lively and connected experience.

Dear Extroverts,
My usual awe of your social abilities and successes has been transformed by the effects that Corona virus is having on our society. Our usually busy environments have become minefields whereby anyone could infect everyone. This has caused our governments and businesses to take steps towards reducing the spread of infection and in this turn has infringed upon our freedom.

I have compiled a list of potential ‘to do’s’ in the hope that they may reduce your discomfort at being stuck indoors or kept away from your social circles.

  1. Skype/Whatsapp/Facetime
    We do not have to give up communicating – calls are one thing but it will probably help you more to engage in video calls with the people you care about. Group calls can be a lot of fun.
  2. Spend quality time with those in your home
    Whilst not always the most scintillating space, you now have the time and opportunity to engage with and learn more about the people you live with. Why not try bringing up topics you are interested in and conversing about them, playing even more with the kids, or ask hypothetical questions.
  3. Work from home
    Some people really enjoy working. If you are one of those people you could log into your work server to keep on top of your emails or catch up/get ahead with work you’ll have to do eventually anyway. Network.
  4. Learn a skill
    Learning a skill that could benefit you socially might boost your spirits. You can consider as you go who you might like to share the recipes with or play your instrument for or look for future events where your skill might be useful.
  5. Music
    Listen to lots of it. Explore tracks you haven’t heard before and then share the best ones with your friends and family.
  6. TV and background noise
    Allow yourself background noise. If you are used to being in busy environments and enjoy the busy bustle, then it might help to simulate a busy and lively environment around yourself.
  7. Change your environment
    Move your furniture around, change which room you’re in and if you have a garden maybe step outside. Consider preparing your home so that you have to do certain activities in certain rooms.
  8. Exercise
    Keep moving! Fidget and bounce your legs, dance, run around your garden. Just being active can boost your mood and reduce feelings of boredom. If you are used to going to the gym, get creative at home about how to achieve the same results.
  9. Go walking
    IF you can still leave your home, go for a walk. Getting out will make you feel better even if you have to keep distance from others, just knowing that other people are around can reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation.
  10. Video gaming
    If you aren’t already an online gamer then you’re missing out on a massive opportunity for social interaction that is fun and stimulating.
    Joining online spaces can provide the feel of being with others, roaming around in games like World of Warcraft or other RPG spaces may also give the impression of having been somewhere else for a while thus reducing the tension from being stuck at home.
  11. Blogging and social media
    Write about your experiences to share with the world. day 1 quarantine in the extrovert house…
    Make new friends and talk to people, utilise social media in the way it was intended – build connections.

I would love to hear how you are coping through isolation and social distancing, get in touch.
If you have any more suggestions which may help the extroverts of our world, please comment them below.

With love,

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