Introverts. Our time has come!

While the world falls apart and people hide away, we realise the introverts time has come. While our extroverted brethren panic about how to survive the indoor lifestyle, we have all the answers.

It is our natural inclination to indulge in time alone. While we need it to socially recharge, we also find typically introverted activities more enjoyable than our extroverted counterparts.
Although our families will be at home, we have received ample opportunity by way of time, to finally get around to those blissful solo activities we don’t often get around to.

Below I have compiled a list of 10 suggestions as to what we could get up to. While extroverts might also enjoy these activities, by nature they align well with the introverted disposition.

1. Read the first page of every book you bought but never got to reading
You’ll probably find solace between the pages of something you just can’t put down. If you read anything especially great, share your thoughts and recommendations below.

2. Binge shows and purge your Netflix watch list
It’s nice to be immersed and also to be organised. Why not take some time to see if you really want to watch what’s in your watch list or to finally catch up, finish or start that show?

3. Writing and blogging
A lot of us already do this but with the addition of time we can achieve so much more. Whether you’re a facty or fictiony kind of author, there is ample time for online research and drafts/write ups. Feel free to share links to posts you’re especially proud of in the comments below.

4. Gardening
Spend some time alone with your contemplation and care for our Earth in your solitude. Creating a beautiful outdoor environment for yourself can really lift your spirits. Why not consider weeding your garden and mowing the lawn in anticipation of warmer weather?

5. New skill
Turning your hand to a new skill, craft or hobby, will provide stimulating thought and something to practice/learn/conquer. We have time to learn!

6. Painting
Perhaps this is your calm? If you’re a Bob Dylan sort then why not get out your craft? There’s plenty of time to develop your skill and wait for it to dry! Maybe try another medium or decorate/freshen the walls of your home?
Maybe you are into another craft? Let me know in the comments below.

7. Video games
Video games provide valuable stimulation. One player games enable you time to be immersed in your activity while multi-player games might focus the family in a positive way whilst indulging in something you enjoy – it gives the collaboration aspect and guides a constructive conversation to play group games rather than P. v P.

8. Learning from online sources
The open university provide a wide variety of free online courses for you to enjoy.
Another source of learning, full of creative ideas too, is Youtube. Psych Central’s channel is a nice start for exploring various topics in psychology including parenting, relationships and mental health. Crash Course’s channel features a huge variety of educational videos. Helping people “To learn stuff, to know stuff, and to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their world.”

9. Moderate family enjoyment – remember to make space and take time to refuel your energy. While we enjoy social contact with our loved ones, we have to make sure we do not exhaust ourselves. They may expect that with their being home, we will automatically adjust to time together. For this reason we have to be sure to communicate our needs for time alone, without feeling guilty. If you feel they aren’t understanding the need or may be taking it personally, here’s an article to share with them, ‘Introverts Explained: Why we love you but need to get away from you.‘ or another more academic one, ‘Why do introverts love being alone? Here’s the science.’
It’s not always easy to communicate our need to others but it is necessary for the happiness in home whilst we’re mostly cooped up together.

10. Organise things!
Most of us have things, spaces, collections, or similar, that we store or adore. Whether you go for a full on spring clean or simply organise your craft supplies and bookshelves, there is satisfaction to be found and maybe some cool things you forgot about too.

11. Go for a walk while people are deliberately avoiding each other.
The places we usually avoid going due to crowds are unlikely to be crowded at all. If you’re mindful to take precautions, and maintain your usual safe distancing, then now may well be the time to stroll those pathways.

12. Get those boxes of nostalgia out.
Time indoors can provide a space in time to revisit old memories. Sharing family videos, reminiscing over old photographs and baby pictures, and reading old letters, can move us to feel and think about things we would like to remember.

I really am interested to see where your time takes you.
Please leave a comment below if you have been engaging in the activities above or have been making positive strides towards your goals while in isolation.

With love,

3 thoughts on “Introverts. Our time has come!

    1. Hey Sheryl,

      How are you doing?
      Have you encountered any unforeseen challenges while under lock-down?
      I’d be curious to hear about your experience so far.



      1. Well, l am a full-time blogger and INFJ so I’ve been staying at home a lot before all this craziness. But it’s different when I’m told I can’t go out. I don’t like that feeling. But I’m glad that I have my husband and dogs to keep me company and I always have things to do for my business.

        Liked by 1 person

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