Poetry challenge #27 ‘Childhood’

Before today’s poem, I want to highlight that it is mother’s day here in the UK. The challenge couldn’t have landed this day more appropriately.

Happy Mother’s Day to mothers and their mothers and so on, everywhere!
We wouldn’t be without you (wink).

You carried us in your smaller years,
Brave girl unprepared
You thrived
Our breath the fire in your belly
You gave us life

You encouraged us to be
Whomever we felt we were
Strong woman
Taught us love and compassion
You gave us hope

You clawed the Earth
Protecting and bettering our world
Inspiring soul
Raised life from dirt
You gave us strength

You carried us in our infancy
A long and winding road
You grew
Through years to lead us here
We owe who we are to you.

With love,

My mom is a hero. She took the worst of lives and turned it into something better. She supported my brother and me away from things most in the west would hardly believe. My mom deserves more credit than she will ever give herself.
While writing this I weep, the child in me learning to speak – ‘Thank you.’

I asked her simply for a picture of a daffodil. Beautiful perspective.

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