A Personal Success

I finally completed, with total conviction, a ’30 day challenge’, only this one was for literature and had 31 days.

Even so. I feel proud.

The 31 day poetry challenge was emotional. While there were plenty of days the poetry leaned into exploring topics from a characters point of view, many of the topics covered drew me towards a lot of personal growth and considerations.

One of the key reasons for this development opportunity, was having conversations about the topic each day, and using the contemplation’s which arose with others to cross check and evaluate my own opinions, beliefs, and experiences more pragmatically.
Each one required me to dig into abstract concepts, or old memories and directed me to help stimulate new parts of my imagination.

I adored the experience and perhaps only realise the true value in retrospect.

While it is sad to be done with that challenge, I am absolutely thrilled to have more time to work on other creations.

I have been working on a short story for a little while now, trying to crunch every sentence until it is word perfect.
Ellie and Kain are more than just characters, they’re friends.

My next 31 day commitment is to spend time with them in the hope that our adventure can be ready to share with the rest of the world by the end of April 2020.

Rather than concerning myself with what type of artist I am, I’ve decided to just be one. I love being an author. I can’t wait to share my creations with you all.

I would love to hear about your work and what your journey with writing means to you?

With love,

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