The Way Knight

The Way Knight

I had forgotten my love for reading. Books sit upon multiple shelves collecting dust. Their titles, somewhat like labels for my varying interests, revealed to guests an abandoned passion.
And then…
‘The Way Knight’ happened.

Alexander Wallis has mastered an entire world full of darkness and brilliance. Daimonia ventures a journey from young womanhood through to ‘goddess’.
I think there seems to be an understated suggestion, that Daimonia is somewhat unhinged, that her dark world has twisted her heart towards being vengeful and impulsive. It’s important to consider that Daimonia is young and negotiating her way to adulthood without a loving hand to teach her. This is the core of her corruption; She is longing to be loved and outraged by a world bent on being harsh and unforgiving.

The scenes give you just enough. Without a wasted word, nor any over description, this serves to deliver a truly immersive story.
The various towns and villages are created with perfect illumination. The grime and grimness accentuated in the right places. I’d argue this is one of the strongest points; the world building is so vivid and well done.
A couple of story lines grant the reader some freedom to imagine what certain characters might do next given what we know of them.

There are some great themes explored and parallels can be drawn between modern day corruption and the order of the world within this tale. It is easy to recognise the values, beliefs, and diversities between and across characters. The point is… this book is worth reading and then reading again.

The biggest issue is wanting more. The ending is wide open. While the journey of the book meets several emotional conclusions, the ending itself has me screaming, ‘encore, encore!’

I want to know what happens in the world now that this sequence of events has unfolded. The book has some ‘origin story’ feels because of this. The main character has triggered a revolution that seemed to have been on the rise anyway but, what next mate, what next?!

With love,

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