Just a Movie?

Another answer that appeared in the list of ‘bad day vices’ submitted by twitter followers was to watch movies! Some suggested movies from their youths, in their teens and 20’s. One answer which stuck out was ’50s films’.

Now films from the 1950s always make me feel like its a Sunday after a busy weekend, or maybe a bank holiday Monday, but that’s because I’ve usually seen them as a chance to relax while my family went quiet in younger years and I’d fall asleep. I watched a couple in my later years, kind of liked the ones I watched but then I ventured off into Shakespearean plays because of GCSE English Literature.

My favourite black and white film is Young Frankenstein but that is from 1974 so I figured I would watch Roman Holiday, 1953, as recommended.

Demure women graceful and oozing sophistication make light work of demonstrating social values and pressures through subtle motions and gestures cleverly enhanced by orchestral accompaniments.
Point of view filming makes you feel as though you are a present witness in many scenes, and some characters throw you the occasional knowing glance.
There’s a growing pressure as various characters grow tired of keeping up appearances and a lot is said through heavy looks and desperate expressions as their sadness with the world grows.
Wild hearted main characters often crave new world experiences passionately and will often get their way in encountering great adventures.
Just in the nick of time style filming and suspenseful sound tracks excite your emotions and make it easy to experience the characters unique relationship.
Vulnerability and romance make an enticing pair as subtle and daft humour create intimate moments between characters where the viewer is left to wonder how the other character is going to react.
When characters cross boundaries and blur social constructs, it is interesting to see how attitudes of that time impact upon the film direction and story development. like when Audrey is all like, ‘help me undress,’ and tells us how usually she has women to help her do this and has never been alone with a man before, dressed or otherwise.
The characters are very archetypal but this is good for making it accessible in a retrospective view, to appreciate the cinematography of the era.
The evolution of girl to woman witnessed in this film, made it easy to enter the characters perspectives and see the world in an innocent and curious manner until the point which she evolves in her own ways, and we are able to recognise the emotional progression. If you don’t like romantic films. probably don’t bother. Part of the beauty is having to pay attention to be fully immersed and understand the old notions.

I’m really glad I took this suggestion and acted upon it. While not my favourite movie in the world, I really enjoyed the experience and trying to recognise all of the great aspects which make this genre a vice worthy one.

I’m a sucker. I nearly died when they finally kissed.
Thanks for the recommendation.

With love,

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