I for INFJ

Life is never easy. No matter who you are, you will overcome many troubles on your journey through it, and often times you may forget completely, just how important it is to enjoy where you are right now.

This anthology compiles the work of 21 people who process as INFJ.

Infj are expansive thinkers capable of turning something over to examine every angle, zooming in to deep dive mode where internal responses and intuition run high. Infj develop strong ideas about the world which conflict often with a malleable personality, subject to rapid growth in a short space of time where new thoughts and ideas ‘fit’ into the individuals narrative after heavy contemplation.

The INFJ heart wants to love, to see a better, sometimes said to be ‘idealised’ world. With strong intuition, deep and colourful internal worlds, and usually battle scars which shaped them, these authors have written to share who they are.

This book is pure enlightenment for those not familiar with INFJ. The variety of themes and depth of consideration cast light on the true natures of INFJ in vulnerable and creative states.

Congratulations to all involved. This project was a pleasure, and a success for us all.

With love,

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