This Week

What a week it has been.

Personal development is an important aspect of my life to the extent that it interferes with my day to day functioning.

There are moments where I learn something new and the ideas associated tangle me in their web. I contemplate too many thoughts to the extent that putting my finger on any one can feel more confusing than simply allowing myself to be.

Significant happenings this week include: A story line being challenged by an animation on the topic of one of my books to the extent it felt a bit ‘Truman Show’, being wrapped up in a new fantasy adventure novel, completing a story on grief (today), brainstorming more ideas for my theories on self-help (I’m developing a new method combining preexisting knowledge with mixed therapies), feeling guilty for thinking too much about work and not being present with my family, discovering my enneagram, and trying to believe that I am capable of achieving success – it is not all pointless, I am not useless, I am not a bad person because I struggle to be a singular identity.

I meditate, I say silent prayers to the universe. I try to be consistent, supportive, and loving, to improve the lives of people around me. Sometimes it all feels lost in translation and days will pass before I have made sense of my experiences, sometimes longer, by which time I have to cork the bottle and put it on the shelf.

I love to communicate and be in touch with you all. The advice, and positivity you bring, make a huge difference.

Thank you to my friends and followers for accepting my human-ness.

With love,


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