Building Inner Strength

Inner strength is a type of resilience we have to learn to survive in a world that doesn’t always wait for us. It is a quiet and confident belief that we will survive combined with acknowledgement of our individual efficacy.

Denial of inner strength is unhealthy. It propagates a negative self-talk which perpetuates into thick and thorny undergrowth, prickling and preventing you from reaching your own full potential. Many of us also find it difficult to acknowledge that we actually do have a choice and can act to better our situations – this sometimes leads to fear overriding the narrative rather than genuine risk assessment.

Putting yourself first is not selfish. If we do not take time to look at our own development and build ourselves back up, we cannot advance. While our foundations crumble our impact on others is less powerful, our ability to help them is severely hindered. As such, any person placing demand on you would benefit to know how important it is to ‘refuel’ and make some time for yourself. You deserve better than to let the world roll you.

A good place to start building your confidence is to begin by making one commitment to yourself which will assist an easier day to day life and livelihood. Making decisions and committing to acting on those choices feeds a positive self view – the idea that you are achieving, by taking those small actions you are improving and doing it. You are capable of achieving success, especially where you are passionate about the topics at hand.
Feelings honour actions – we observe ourselves and then inferences are formed about who we are based on our opinions of what we do. What do you believe makes you a successful person? What makes you feel proud of yourself?

Develop your self awareness and use mindfulness practices to avoid repetitive behaviours or thoughts which do not help. Awareness of the observer in yourself should enable you an alternate view and the chance to observe yourself and ask, ‘Am I behaving in line with who I want to be?’
Fear often prevents us from acting in our own best interests, prevents us from chasing our dreams, taking opportunities, and achieving what we are capable of.

Mindfulness activity #1
– Indulge or become aware of your senses. Identify something for each of the senses in your environment. What does it smell like? What can you hear? What can you touch? etc.

Mindfulness activity #2
– Feel the expansion of your lungs as you breathe and steady your breath into a comfortable rhythm. Perhaps try out some of the breathing exercises outlined here.

Inner strength requires attention and action in order to grow. The only person you are guaranteed for life is yourself. It’s important to be your own best friend.

With love,

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