‘Introspective’ – Call for Submissions

Seeking poetry from your internal world.

We all have a story. Veins like roots spread through our beings, blood pulsing the forceful rhythm of our hearts. Introspective offers you the chance to share some of your story; to bleed ink upon pages and immortalise your deep, significant, and important thoughts and feelings.
Most people have depths unseen and often it takes truly nurturing relationships to recognise the value of our own thoughts. Not all of us find this connection and typically our thoughts feel most safe with ourselves.

This project comes about to give volume to the internal worlds we often shy away from sharing.
It is our hope that in this publication, we might come together and share safe-space, comforting each other, ourselves, and the wider community of readers through sincere and honest reflections from our internal worlds.

Our next project INTROSPECTIVE explores the voices of introverts worldwide. If you would like the chance to be included, then please send us 1-3 reflective poems. We seek a wide range of life experience from the perspective of thoughtful souls.

For more information on how to submit your poetry click here.
Deadline: 31st August 2020

With love and best wishes,

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