Urban Fiction

Urban fiction is an interesting category.

Typically dark and edgy, urban fiction explores topics of relationships, drug use/abuse, complicated families, traumatic experiences, emotional turbulence etc. – all aimed at revealing realities of life through fictional characters.

Readers may notice uncomfortable themes; characters experience real life and this can hit close to home. We may not like to witness weakness, to see someone making a choice that we know is not going to create a positive outcome, or to be reminded of the abuses that go on in our world, but the significant truth is that these are realities.

Perhaps an author agrandises the emotions. Maybe life is written in a hyper real way. What if that is simply how some of us perceive the world?

As beings we are inevitably changed by the unavoidable ups and downs. We need to relate to one another, to recognise the value of our experiences and to recognise that we can change uncomfortable truths through conscious and considered awareness.

Urban fiction is poetic truth.

With love,

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