His Heavy Door

She came to his door
tentatively knocking.
‘Can I see more?’
She asked so unwavering,
for how could she know
he had been here before?
The same seeds sown
but with reckless lament
lost sight of the other.
Their harmony
became treacherous storm
and trees fell down
and she asked for more.
She now an arm with a hammer
knocking down his walls
– from within
He felt a fool to give at all
to let her fair face in
he watched her walk away
with her simple sway
leaving him in rumble.
Beneath turned sky he prayed
until he could breathe his pain
and then again
So when this one came
a moment felt the same
the certainty of connection
being seen beneath the haze…
Fear struck
Stepping back to take a look
Could this time be the same
or will new seeds sew new life?
The only way to find out more
is to open up that heavy door.

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