Wrapped Up

I wrote ‘Wrapped Up’ to talk about loss. I want every individual to recognise the power of their own actions and words, and the uniqueness of every persons experience.

Grief is not exclusive to the loss of a person. As a species we grieve lost notions, hopes, ideas, and opportunities. We grieve the past. We grieve ‘stolen’ futures. We grieve when life takes us away from something which felt important or we believed was a given.

Psychological and emotional wounds lack the signs of a plaster-cast arm or broken leg. We appear to be ‘normal’ while the internal world is fractured or bleeding. We nod along to conversations, appear physically at events (but not in spirit) and ‘perform’ the functions of a life now empty.

I’ve written a book to explore these themes and ideas. Wrapped up in loss, Ellie experiences showers of guilt, harsh realities and moments of desolate beauty. Others expect her to ‘get over it’ or to distract herself with parties and drink. When Ellie meets an unusual stranger, she is stirred from her grief by someone else who remains in the tangible world. Her cloak of sadness begins to fall, supported by the comfort of another lonely soul. Their relationship transforms in ways unforeseeable when Ellie experiences the divide between love lost and love that could be.

Grief is a cloak the person wears indefinitely — it never heals, only changes. Sometimes that cloak can feel heavy, so heavy you could drown in it. Those who are lucky might have people who understand and know them, to help lifts its weight while you walk. As with any relationship, grief is different behind closed doors.

It’s about the freedom to heal at the speed of our own spirit. Honouring what is lost. And respecting the wounds of others, perceiving the pain behind a fragile smile so that broken hearts are held in understanding.

With love,




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