Lucid Leman

Awoke to a silent sun with stillness in my bones
as I part these lucid dreams
where I could hear your heartbeat
in your chest
arms hold tight bringing souls great rest.
Can’t look at your face yet – fearing your dissipation but yes…
Feel exhilaration when our bodies press
You unzipping the back of my dress
other hand sliding thighs hot length
peace and relief in quickening breath.
No need to explain what’s inside your head,
when the sofa becomes our ‘being’ bed
and I taste the salt of your neck.
“Unfold on me, make your request,
need pleasing? I want to acquiest,”
I whispered, teased, words curled your ear…
“Something in your pocket that I can feel?”
When our beings weak collapse,
we shyly look and then we laugh,
disbelief in the surreal happs, done everywhere except the bath…
the physical closing removes our mortal gaps.
Such relief to be here in your arms watching from our window
over calm seas and contented stars.

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