Lyrical Liberation

Music has a special effect on humans. We respond on many levels to sounds and vibrations. When we find a track we enjoy, we might find ourselves singing over and over the sections we relate to or which make us feel happy, and we can hear the tune clearly while singing or thinking about the song if we’re fortunate enough to hear. An in head radio. Writing your own songs and singing them can be relieving too even if you only ever write a couple verses or lines.

It allows you the chance to have an emotional connection as true musicians do with the music they create… consider; meditative tracks and binural beats, spiritual chanting, Bob Marley, Nick Drake, Black Sabbath, radiohead, the emotionality of opera, the tragically famous Nearer To My God Than Thee as played on the titanic… and soooo many more. The sounds, vibration and lyrics, can evoke very different feelings for a listener.

Lyrical expression is powerful and can be revolutionary, it can be painful or elating but again, so much of the music that exists is an expression of truth and full of sincere emotion.

Anybody can write lyrics to express themselves and they can explore any subject that moves them or brings inspiration. The means – mattafix.

My favourite group to use when explaining this is mattafix.

“Late night thoughts and the wander Writing is a lighting speech is a thunder” Impartial, mattafix.

Music often explores the realities, struggles, and highs of life with its lyrics. 11:30 mattafix

To create your own songs try utilizing the following contemplations:

Take a moment to explore an emotion or something you have observed. How does it make you feel? Are there conflicting emotions?

Let yourself get caught in the feeling and harness what comes forward. If you can imagine a beat for your song, write the lyrics to fit and sing or hum to yourself to keep them in line and bring your song to life. If not, pick a tune from a catchy song you’ve known in the past and fit your lyrics to that. Write the words down as you go. It may take practise but who knows, if you love music or are used to writing poetry, it may come naturally.

The power of repetition. When you write a chorus, what is your message? You’re going to repeat it and want to make it powerful and meaningful even if you’re the only one who hears or feels it. Repetition is also essential to remembering your songs.

If you want to use the song to forget rather than to express, don’t worry too much about the repetitions. Write and record only what you want to. Explore your emotion and let it fade once you’ve finished.

Another trick is to create a song to move through an emotion. For example, you might make a short verse or a few lines when you feel angry at someone to allow yourself to divert your focus. You might sing, “karma will come back around, back around, back around, karma will come back around some day soon” to the tune of wheels on the bus or Mary had a little lamb while you find something else to do or leave the situation. Tapping, clapping, clicking etc can all create a backing track of sorts to more personal variations so that eventually you don’t really need words to pass over the feeling, you can just hum the tune to yourself.

I like, “I know a song that will get on your nerves, get on your nerves, get on your nerves, I know a song that will get on your nerves…” etc when I feel frustrated because while I think it or sing it I can just tidy up the thing which is irritating for the thousandth time without getting too frustrated. Be playful in your mind garden.

The magic of music for humans, is that we resound with vibration. Physical effects of music on humans go beyond the compulsion to move and tap, to join in or clap.

“Sound vibrations can come in contact physically through the body and have
an effect on our consciousness at the mental, emotional and spiritual levels.”

We choose music to reflect how we feel or to shift our moods or to immerse ourselves in them. The interaction between mood and music is too large to ignore. While it can be cathartic to listen to dark or heavy music, it is healthy to have music from which we gain some mental release or emotional elevation.

Have you written a song before? How does writing lyrics affect you? Let us know below.

Living Darfur – Mattafix

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