Bullet Journaling

Preemptive action can be key in mental health maintenance. A bullet journal is akin to a diary only typically far more unique and personal in its style and composition – it is very useful as a self management tool. The self management mallet.

To begin your #Bujo…

Highlight what is important for you to achieve on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. For some it’s household maintenance, others being a supermom, others keeping on top of business… or mixtures of all and others. Identifying your goals in timeframes and creating plans to achieve mundane tasks at certain times keeps you accountable to yourself.

Then organise your tasks…

Map your year of key events so that you have some direction and time to plan as you travel through the otherwise unknown. Key events are your annuals and upcoming events which fall on fixed dates. Plan your more flexible goals and tasks around these while taking account of how they land and making sure you don’t busy up times beyond your comfort and coping ability. This can be a key aspect of life management for introverts.

Bujo Calendars…

Your bullet journal gives you motivation with actually completing tasks, sticking to routines and commitments more regularly, forgetting less birthdays, anniversaries etc. because once you find your own system it is easy to follow and once you master it, it will be laid out in the most appropriate way for your mind to manage.

Bullet journal keys and completions

Every time you tick off an accomplishment, from hoovering to a life changing meeting or scary appointment you’ve been putting off, you are creating your own record of daily, monthly and yearly successes. This provides a huge opportunity to look back and observe how capable you are. The end of year reflection should be motivating for the following year because damn straight you achieved what you set out to.

End of year reflections bujo

Embrace what you have to do. There are tasks we have to do and do not enjoy. The less resistance we show to these tasks, the less stress and anxiety they cause us. The same is true when we complete them sooner with less procrastination.

Commit to your bullet journal as though it were your personal gospel for ideal life. Bash out the lazy and disheartened by having a hundred mini successes.

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