Craft Your Character *

One of the first positives mentioned by ULT regarding literature as a means to support mental health, was learning to write novels and short stories in which you can impose yourself and craft the outcome.

This post is going to give you an overview into creating a character which accurately reflects who you are.

1) Write a list of your pros and cons as a moral being. Try to recognise your grey areas. Maybe your character is a pacifist at heart but has dark thoughts of revenge which create internal conflict. Introverted/extroverted? Inclined to help or walk by? Trusting/doubtful? Driven by?

2) Write your most notable features and/or the ones you are proud of. Does your character have exceptionally dark eyes and hair? Are they slim or curvy? Tall or short? Do they have a wide smile? Large ears? Etc…

3) Pick which personality traits or personal attributes you want to exaggerate. This can also include emotions, is your character optimistic, sad, able to withstand a lot? Are you able to make things? Indoor or outdoors kinda person? Etc.

4) Decide what species you are and whether you have any special powers.

You may also like to create a detailed description of outfits and items to make your character more personalised and easily perceived.

5) Consider any special items you have or wish you had. They may be useful in your stories to reflect emotions and themes or maybe they posses their own useful powers.

Combine everything you have noted into a character sheet for quick reference and to keep track of the characters development as your stories progress.

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