The Lovers Illusion

The Lovers Illusion

Crushed lips pressed against themselves,
teeth holding them in place and chewing.
Growing inner violence awakens passion
while she snakes her pretty tale…
Words are placed deliberate to lure lovers to their falling, can he resist when the succubus is calling?
Serving up sweet oration that threatens to touch him
and his heart is leaping forward to feel it all,
wide eyes drinking in the spectacular view and the hairs of his body stand at her cue she labels it blameless craving as she twists around herself, sensuality prevailing. Angel of desire in a time of need takes his force and passion with it’s greed…
and bathes in it.
Halo falling.
Then she dances and teases speaking from the shadows, exclusively of dreams.
How her noncomital seduction drowns him she doesn’t care to know. Angel crawling,
needing it with all her being, something perfect to believe in. She crawls up his body. Fantasies drip fed from mains to brain through the punctures of her pretty nails leave him for dead. The halo shatters.

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