100 Lines *

This is what it says on the tin but I’m going to explain why ‘100 Lines’ is a worthwhile exercise.

The initial premise is to pick something you find yourself rehearsing a lot… I’m not worth it, I cannot do X,Y,or Z, and then write the opposite as true 100 times. Take the self depreciating thought and experiment with how perception drives emotion.

What to write about?

When we form our self perception, it is done in relation to what we witness and presume about the world around us and the people who inhabit it.

Both consciously and subconsciously we accept ideas about what is good/bad and what we should be doing in order to be considered successful in whatever arena we care enough about. This can relate to family, work, travel, romance etc.

This causes us to often reach for a non-existent, non-realistic, way of living in the belief that it will bring life satisfaction. Every time we fall short of the unrealistic goals we confront a feeling of failure and consequently eventual sadness/grief. When we attain goals and they are not what we’d hoped it can induce the same sorts of feelings.

In order to prevent this common pattern, we have to learn to identify the tracks we play ourselves without actually dissecting what we mean or evaluating our own theories, and then we have to remove or replace them accordingly.

The power of repetition

We have usually rehearsed ideas about how things/we should be. processing the ideas we get from ideals we see outside of ourselves. When we sleep on a toxic or otherwise thought the memory is encoded and consolidated into our long term memory which holds key ideas about who we are and how to behave. It is important to remove the negative rehersals we experience.

We are shaped by our memories and the ones we revisit and repeat most often will be the ones guiding us.

When you have identified your harmful belief, write the opposite as true.

I am lucky in love. I am strong. I am capable. I am loveable. I am a good person. I am able to learn. I am successful. Etc…

Write your phrase(s) 100 times. Lose count and count them while reading them again if that happens. Make it memorable to have done the activity so that when you think your depreciating thought, you are ready to combat it with your positive opposite.

Consider burning them or doing some kind of action to unburden yourself or perhaps carry it in your pocket as a reminder. Which ever strikes you as more significant.

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