Unchained Tribe

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Below are the creators involved with Unchained Tribe content and of other relevant and notable works.

Nicole Wild graduated from the university of Aberystwyth where she studied Psychology. She is the editor of Introspective, I for INFJ, and the author of Wrapped Up and also Rooted: A OnceUnchained Anthology. Nicole has worked as a carer for the elderly and supporting children and adults with complex needs; chosen careers where her interest in depth psychology was invaluable. She is currently writing a series of fantasy adventure novels exploring the human condition alongside a series of shorter fictions set in the 90’s.
Email: Onceunchained@outlook.com

Julia Garlotte An American audiobook narrator with an incredible range. Very prompt nature when it comes to completing tasks. Julia is very obliging to work with and is willing to adapt to the wishes and wants of the authors she works with. She actually sang all of the lyrics in ‘Wrapped Up’

Nicky Griffiths UK based audiobook narrator who likes to be accommodating and meet clear deadlines. Nicky enjoys communicating with authors to have a really comprehensive understanding of what her clients are looking for.