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Have you ever found your mind stuck in what feels like an endless loop? One thought follows another rapidly and yet you find yourself standing or sitting in the same space, unsure of how or why things haven’t changed when you’ve exerted so much energy?
Chances are that all of us have experienced the pressure of mentally drowning at some time or another. We are living in a wave of thoughts ever moving and adapting. As we find ourselves restricted and feeling powerless to effect as much change as we would like, it is important that we find ways to ensure our own mental health and stability. It’s important that we learn to live in harmony with our thoughts and with the flow of being a perceiving, thinking, and feeling kind of being.

Unchained Literature believes in utilising the power of reading and writing to support mental health improvement and maintenance. This blog comes to life to support and empower others, encouraging them to read and write in a way that can support mental wellbeing across the lifespan.

The Unchained Literature Tribe works to provide practical advice for using literature and various writing styles to support positive mental health.
These aims are in conjunction to supporting and encouraging the use of literature and writing in therapeutic practice. Unchained Literature is also excited to offer promotional camaraderie for success and wider exposure (concerning publishing authors).

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UL Tribe News

  • The Interviews

1st June – ARK Horton and The Telverin Trilogy

3rd June – Wrustie Writes Escapes

8th June – K.Thomas

10th June – Carlos Cabrera

  • Coming soon: The Interviews

A little while ago ULT started to interview members of the writing community about their relationships with literature and how literature can support mental health. The insights gained so far have been enlightening. Stay tuned to discover who the summer stars are and how their willingness to share can make a difference.

  • ‘Rooted’ and ‘Introspective’ Audiobooks! – 03/2021

Both Rooted and Introspective are now available as audiobooks for the general population.

  • Wrapped Up Audiobook! – 13/12/2020

N.M. Wild is pleased to reveal that after a lengthy wait time ‘Wrapped Up’ is now available as an audiobook on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes!
Voiced by Julia Garlotte.
Wrapped Up is an emotional read following a young woman named Ellie through her journey with grief. Who will she meet? Will she heal? Will she learn to live again?
There is a limited number of free copies available. If you are interested in claiming your copy, email unchainedliterature@outlook.com or else reach the author on twitter @Onceunchained.

  • I N T R O S P E C T I V E – 24/09/2020

Congratulations to all whom were featured in ‘INTROSPECTIVE’, a writing community project created with BloodRedStar Publications.
Writers have come together to create an incredibly insightful anthology of poetry exploring relationships, heartbreak, hand-picked memories, and contemplations of identity within those spaces. The poet’s reflections provide food for personal growth and opportunities to learn from their journeys.
UK: Introspective
US: Introspective

  • Wrapped Up – 17/08/2020

N.M. Wild released ‘Wrapped Up’, a novelette exploring societal opinions and issues surrounding grief.
Ellie experiences harsh realities and moments of desolate beauty when friends expect her to “get over” her loss and heartbreak.
This poignant look at grief and love will amaze readers.
UK: https://amz.run/3VfU
US: https://amz.run/3VfS

  • I for INFJ – 17/05/2020

ULT’s founder is pleased to announce the release of ‘I for INFJ’, a writing community project created with BloodRedStar Publications.
‘On behalf of our community of poets, we are proud announce the launch of I for INFJ. Deeply emotional poetry from the introspective mind. An authentic and open exploration of internal worlds. The anthology launched at number one in Hot New Releases and is available at Amazon and on Kindle.’
UK: I for INFJ
US: I for INFJ

  • ROOTED – A OnceUnchained ANTHOLOGY – 2/4/2020

April sees the release of ROOTED – A OnceUnchained Anthology – by N.M. Wild. A collection of poems challenging modern perspectives on life, beautifully amplified by unique, creative flare. Wild presents vivid scenes with intelligence and beauty; discreet moments from the flux and fire of life. Love, friendship, regret and desire are each painted with sensitivity and insight, provoking further reflections with each reading. Available on Amazon and Kindle.
UK: ROOTED – A OnceUnchained Anthology
US: ROOTED – A OnceUnchained Anthology

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