Warm drink anyone?

The power of a cup of tea

Today was busy. Today was a day in Birmingham with my, daughter, aunty and grandparents. Today I sat down for two warm drinks that were special.

This morning when I woke up I did so in a home that has been in my family for 25 years. I took a shower and got my daughter ready. Nana grabbed E for a cuddle and took her into see grandpa.

I went with my nan to get some christmas gifts. We drank coffee in a place we used to go when I was in my early teens. It was a short break in the day because it was busy there but the moment reminded me of feeling safe and optimistic in earlier years.

Later in the day my grandparents had wrapped gifts, the tv was on and we were ready for an early Christmas celebration with family. I chimed in melodically over the tv to offer a cup of tea which was met with several distracted “yes please” responses.

I stood contemplating how the moment felt special. To be at a home which has been in my family for so long, making tea for my relatives while the animals roamed through. I wondered if the moment was as powerful at times for others as it is me… so we find ourselves with this post.

The click sounded that the water had reached temperature and I clumsily poured the tea.

Some 10 minutes or so later we are sat with night falling and my toddler playing peacefully with the dog. My grandad announced that it was “a bloody good cup of tea, cheers Nikki”. This was echoed by my nan and my aunt too.

I sipped my tea full of contentment and told them they were so welcome, it was nice to be drinking tea with them and that I miss them when I am at my usual home.

I wanted to remember this forever. Please do comment if you have had significant cups of tea you’d like to immortalize with me here.

Peace, love and happy blogging.

Unchained Inside

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