Doppelganger Journaling *

What. On. Earth… what is doppelganger journaling?

Feeling down about yourself? Not enjoying a trait you have? Feeling hurt by someone else?

It’s time to try out the doppelganger.

Doppelganger journaling is about creating your opposite. If a near exact copy of you came along, but their traits were direct opposites of yours, who would they be?

Are you cynical but kind? Then your doppler is going to be optimistic and self centred.

Are you sensitive and able to show empathy and compassion to deeper levels? Then your doppler is going to be harder, less concerned with how they affect others and probably rather shallow.

Are you short tempered? Generous? Vain? Well mannered? Etc…

Write down your opposite traits until you have none left to exhaust. I recommend capping any self perceived negatives by having a ratio of 2:1, positive:negative traits minimum. If you choose not to keep this ratio and instead lean heavily on any self perceived negatives then this activity is not likely to support positive growth. When we are in dark spaces we may struggle to recognise our own strengths but it is important that we do try. Hardships have the power to make or break us and largely the direction we go depends upon how we communicate with ourselves internally.

If your doppler is in a morally grey area then this means you are observing human reality – we are all morally grey due to the uncertainty over ultimate purpose and not knowing the outcomes to choices we make.

When you have your doppler completed, if you use a 2(+):1 ratio, you should find at the end you are likely left with someone inclined towards being a classic movie bad guy.

Take some time to contemplate your doppelganger. How would they interact in your day to day? How would your family or friends react to this person? Are they someone you could look up to or are you glad to be their opposite?

If you wish to explore this further you could write a few journal entries from the perspective of your doppler. This may give you a new perception of what it really is to be you and where your strengths and opportunities for personal growth can be found.

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